Medical Detox Ontario

Addiction Ontario wants to help with the drug and alcohol therapy that makes you whole again and that includes our medical detox Ontario facility. Going through a safe medical detoxification is quite often the first step in preparing an addict or alcoholic to receive the recovery message in Vaughan, London or Aurora.

Chemical changes occur in the body when someone has been abusing drugs or alcohol for any period of time. To maintain a chemical balance, most addicted people build up a tolerance to their drug of choice. When a substance is suddenly taken away, the body goes into a state of shock we call withdrawal.

Monitored Detox Center

This withdrawal can be life-threatening but it’s almost always uncomfortable. That’s why Addiction Ontario has a carefully monitored detox center staffed by medical professionals. We’re here to make sure the stress of detoxification doesn’t become a more serious issue than it is.

The severity of any withdrawal depends upon the kind of drug that was abused. For example, severe alcohol abuse can result in seizures for people who try to withdrawal in a nonmedical environment. Monitoring the withdrawal symptoms isn’t just a health issue.

Our medical detox Ontario also helps people get over the initial strong emotional component of withdrawal. The idea is always to keep our patients as comfortable as possible while they go through this initial stage that prepares them for the ongoing recovery process.

Who We Are

Addiction Ontario is a comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment center designed to help you with any addiction. We offer a variety of treatment choices that include one-on-one and group therapy sessions. Our facility is clean and comfortable.

It’s important to us to supply the tools necessary to put your addiction behind you and become a productive member of society.  Beyond the team in our detox facility, we are extremely proud of the certified therapists and psychologists we have on staff.

Your Body and Soul

Beyond those professionals, we supply an atmosphere that includes a gymnasium and nutritional choices so you can rebuild both your body and soul.

Keep in mind that detoxification is only the first step. Anyone who’s suffering through an addiction needs to enter our rehab facility. That’s where they will learn the tools to keep their addiction at bay and prevent any future relapses.

If you think you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you probably do. Our medical detox Ontario facility is always there to help.