Marijuana Addiction Treatment Ontario

We always like to say that addiction doesn’t discriminate and that’s why we are very proud of our marijuana addiction treatment services. Although many people see marijuana as a harmless drug, other research points to the fact that it is, in fact, a gateway to other substances.

Because we pride ourselves on a holistic approach, we have a group and individual therapy available to each and every patient. What’s more, we pride ourselves on a total approach to recovery that includes the body and soul. That’s why we have excellent recovery choices that are designed to help build up the physical aspect of the damage caused by marijuana addiction.

With marijuana, prolonged use can take over a person’s life. Quite often they change friends and abandon routines and activities they once held close. People who have a problem with marijuana also develop secretive behaviors. They might get themselves in trouble with the law and falling grades are quite often one of the indicators of a problem.

There are other several signs of marijuana dependence:

  • For example, people with this kind of issue are quite often anxious about when they can have their next marijuana cigarette. As the addiction grows more severe, they are preoccupied with being able to have enough marijuana on hand at all times.
  • People with marijuana addiction issues also attempt to hide the amount of marijuana they use.
  • As the addiction reaches a critical stage, people in dire need of marijuana recovery therapy have ruined relationships with friends and family.

Addiction Ontario has been in the business of treating addictions for years. We have an outstanding success rate and many client testimonials. If you take a moment to look through them, you’ll see how our techniques have helped people put their lives back together.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment in Brampton, Vaughan and Toronto

The kind of marijuana addiction treatment we offer is holistic. That means we try to offer each and every one of our patients a new way of looking at life and a new way of thinking about recovery.

We offer an outstanding compassionate and supportive environment. Our individual and group therapy sessions are designed to give each person with an addiction the care and attention they deserve.

What’s more, we are very proud of the fact that we offer aftercare support once your stay with us is done. Quite often, our alumni can use a little extra help after they leave the facility. That’s why our counselors are always available to help them tweak their new sober lives and move forward in a positive direction. Our marijuana addiction treatment programs work.