Heroin Addiction Treatment Ontario

Addiction Ontario is extremely proud of the heroin recovery programs that we offer to people in Aurora and Mississauga. We are always dedicated to making sure our patients get the best care. It’s important to us to give them the tools they will need to lead a sober productive life.

We understand that each person has a unique addiction story. Of course, those include the ravages of abusing street drugs like heroin. Our experience tells us that a person with heroin addiction has the drug on their mind constantly.

Chronic Abuse

They’ve more than likely forsaken their family and friends and perhaps even lost a job. Continued heroin abuse can be chronic and, in some cases, fatal. Flushed skin and dilated pupils are two the signs of abuse.

Addiction Ontario has a tried and true recovery process that works. Our process often starts off with the detoxification whereby the addicted person is carefully monitored. We pride ourselves on having solutions to your addiction issues that work.

The symptoms of heroin addiction are quite often the same regardless of who abuses the drug. These include:

  • Nails and lips that have turned blue. If you see someone who is showing the signs of overdosing on heroin, you need to get them medical attention immediately.
  • Shallow breathing is another sign of someone who’s overdosed on this street drug.
  • Sometimes people who are overdosing also have a weak pulse. If you know someone or see someone who showed the signs and you know they abuse heroin, it’s important to get them the help they need immediately.

Addiction Ontario has a treatment facility and a well experienced compassionate staff. We have a variety of different therapies available including individual and group sessions. If you think you have a family member who is abusing heroin, you should be looking for some of the following signs.

  • A change in behavior. As people become more and more addicted to heroin or any other street drug, they can become more aggressive. Quite often, they change their friends and only associate with other users.
  • Legal troubles. Our experience in heroin recovery tells us that mounting legal troubles are one of the signs of addiction.
  • People who are addicted to heroin also show signs of depression and withdrawal.

Our heroin treatment facilities are specifically designed to help you with a holistic approach to recovery. If you know someone who needs help with this potentially fatal addiction, you should get in touch with us today.