Cocaine Addiction Treatment Ontario

The Addiction Ontario team is there to help you in Brampton, Vaughan and Mississauga with a variety of different substance abuse problems including cocaine. Our group therapy sessions have been carefully constructed to do the most good. Here are a few different ways this part of our treatment center can help with addiction to this drug.

Setting Goals

Like we’ve said a few times already on this website, recovery is a process and a journey. It’s important for each person in recovery to have both short and long-term goals that they can apply themselves to. Setting these benchmarks keeps them away from their drug of choice and helps them to build a new life at the same time. Where cocaine is concerned, occupying an addict’s thoughts with these types of goals prevents them from relapsing.

Emotional Balance

One of the other aspects of our successful cocaine therapy sessions is fostering emotional balance.  The group therapy sessions that we offer help people to work through troublesome emotions. The individual and group therapy sessions we offer even teach people how to use these negative feelings in a positive way.

The group sessions also give substance abusers the ability to draw on the experiences of other people. It’s one of the many ways that our cocaine rehab structure works to set an addict free.

Co Dependency

It’s important for people who want to leave cocaine addiction behind them to recognize destructive relationship patterns. That includes a variety of intimacy issues as well as disrupted boundaries.

Addiction Ontarioprides itself on all the latest cocaine recovery techniques. Our psychologists and therapists are highly trained in all of the latest innovative solutions.


For the person recovering from a cocaine addiction, not having the tools to deal with the daily ups and downs of life can create anxiety which leads to a relapse. Learning certain techniques in an individual or group session helps them to understand they can deal with life without resorting to substances.

Communication Skills

In this particular group session, participants learn how to ask for the things they need in a socially acceptable way. They also learn the language of being able to refuse requests that lead to relapse.

The Addiction Ontario team is made up of professionals that understand the ravages of cocaine addiction. If you or someone you know is suffering from this potentially fatal addiction, why not get in touch with us immediately?