Ativan Addiction Treatment Ontario

By March 10, 2018Blog

The Ativan Addiction Treatment Ontario provided at Addiction Ontario is designed to make sure you enjoy a lasting recovery. This drug is generally used as a sedative and it is generally taken up to three times a day under a doctor’s prescription.

Healthcare professionals use this drug to treat an illness like short-term anxiety. Under no circumstances should anyone use it in ways other than those that were prescribed by a doctor. Tablets that have been crushed are often snorted by recreational users. This can result in an overdose or addiction. The signs of an Ativan overdose include:

  • Blurred vision and vertigo – It’s important to keep in mind that an overdose of this drug is a serious matter that can actually be fatal. No one should ignore any of these warning signs.
  • Anxiety and Agitation – The Ativan addiction treatment we supply starts with a professional detox stay. That’s where our patients find they are under the care of medical professionals who can guide them through these symptoms.
  • Low Blood Pressure and Hallucinations – Friends and family who notice any of these symptoms with a loved one should do their best to get the treatment they need. That often includes setting up an intervention where family members can talk with the addict about the consequences of their actions.

Addiction Ontario is a treatment center that specializes in helping people put their lives back together. We understand that many people suffer through mental illnesses and addictions. Through no fault of their own their lives can become disrupted. They can even ruin relationships with others if their addiction is left untreated.

That’s where we come in. We offer a variety of different treatment options including individualized plans and group therapy sessions. Both help the substance abuser put their life back in order and learn about their issues.

Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Understanding what makes a person susceptible to drug or alcohol abuse is an important element. There are many different factors that come into play with Ativan abuse. A person’s family history as well as their physiology are important.

Relapsing is one of the other factors that can cause an overdose. That’s why we take the time and put in the effort to make sure our patients have the tools to prevent this from happening.

If you’re with someone when they overdose you should call 911 immediately. Stay with the person until help arrives. After that, they should make plans to enter our Ativan addiction treatment Ontario facility.