Alcohol Addiction Treatment Ontario

The alcohol treatment programs we offer in Toronto, Vaughan and London also tackle the fact that this is one drug that is socially acceptable. The Addiction Ontario team as well as several different locations in a variety of choice programs that make it an excellent place to treat alcoholism.

One of the things that separate us from other treatment centers is the fact that we are committed to your sustained recovery. As well as helping you to set some practical and attainable goals for your aftertreatment life, we help you formulate an individualized customized plan to avoid relapse.

There are people who leave one of our treatment facilities and think they’ll never have another issue with alcohol. We like to remind all of our patients that completing a treatment program is just one stage of the recovery process. Our aftercare program is one thing that distinguishes us.

A Lifelong Journey

We know that recovery from alcohol is a lifelong journey. That’s why we are available with a variety of techniques and outpatient programs that provide a much-needed support system.

Helping you work through your problems is part of the recovery process. One of our focuses in the alcohol treatment programs we supply is individual counseling. These one-on-one sessions will help you find tools to work through any difficult situation. What’s more, our top-notch counselors and psychologists can help you pinpoint the reasons for your substance abuse.

Origin of your Issues

One of the best courses of action is to pinpoint the exact origin of your issues. That way, your individual counselor can help you develop a strategy that works. Finding the original causes of your problems is one way to prevent a relapse.

These individual counseling sessions will also help you to identify your individual strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the person is a complete unit helps them stay away from that first drink. It also does wonders to bolster their self-esteem and confidence.

Group therapy is another one of the programs that we offer here at Addiction Ontario. Having interactions with other people who are suffering through withdrawal and forging ahead with the new lifestyle is invaluable.

Coping Strategies that Work

It’s important each and every one of our patients develops coping strategies that work. Receiving constructive and compassionate feedback from peers is just one of the benefits of these group therapy sessions.

For many people, being able to quit drinking on a sustained basis is the key to a new life. We can help you with the kind of alcohol treatment programs that teach you a variety of new skills.