Addiction treatment Toronto heads off these consequences of substance abuse

By February 20, 2018Blog

People who know they’ve reached the end of the road with substance abuse came to addiction treatment Toronto facilities. That’s where they get the tools to help them lead new a sober lifestyle in Aurora and Vaughan prevent relapses. These are the lucky people. They’ve generally accepted what recovery has to offer and work diligently to be productive members of society.

Unfortunately, there are those people who continue to abuse drugs and alcohol. For them, there are certain consequences the worst of which is death. Here are some things that happen to people when they turn their back on the recovery process.

Family and Friends

Many people who are suffering from the ravages of drug and alcohol abuse don’t think they are hurting other people along the way. Of course, those fortunate enough to find themselves in therapy know that’s the farthest thing from the truth.

The constant pursuit of the drug of choice alienates people from their connections to those closest to them. At some point, addicts turn their backs on their friends and family and might even steal from them to support their habits.

It’s often the case that children of alcoholics and drug addicts suffer from low self-esteem and a series of psychological issues. Quite often, these people wind up in offshoots of addiction treatment Toronto programs that cater to those people around the substance abuser.

Health Consequences

Of course, the most well-known consequences of drug abuse are the effects on a person’s health. Research tells us that substance abuse can have a variety of short-term and long-term health effects. Some of the short-term effects include changes in appetite, blood pressure and even heart rate.

Some of the long-term consequences of substance abuse include overdose, psychosis and even death. It’s important to keep in mind that any of these issues can crop up even if you’ve only used something once.

It’s also important to understand being addicted to drugs is a brain disorder. Some people can drink and use drugs without any kind of lasting effects. For others, drugs and alcohol can affect the way their brain circuitry works and cause an addiction.

Work and Career Issues

Substance abuse can cause a variety of work and career issues. In fact, many people never reach out for help until they hit their bottom which often includes losing a job. Of course, all of these consequences can be avoided if you think you have an issue and take action by entering an addiction treatment Toronto facility.