Addiction Treatment Ontario

Addiction Ontario is a private facility specializing in addiction treatment Ontario programs. We offer packages that include detoxification from alcohol and other drugs. Our inpatient treatment programs are all designed to make sure you regain your place in society.

Our programs are all client focused on the kind of individualized treatment that gets the best results. The holistic approaches that we use are all designed to re-establish the spiritual health of your body and mind too.

The Ideal Location

Our facility is the ideal location to start the journey towards a new life. The journey starts when you enter our facility which has rooms that are comfortable and hospitable. We want each and every one of our clients to feel like they are starting the journey towards recovery in the company of friends and colleagues.

Because we like to start your addiction treatment Ontario rehabilitation on the right foot, we even offer interventions in Toronto, Mississauga, London and Brampton. These are tried and tested ways of getting families involved in their loved one’s recovery process. Addiction Ontario view leaves in a holistic approach that treats the entire person not just the addition.

Our Values

Because we want to make sure each and every one of our patients find recovery, we have a set of core values at addiction Ontario.

  • First and foremost, everything we do is centered around our individual patients. We understand that in someone recovery has a strong need for independence and privacy. Our treatment facility treats each and every one of our patients with the highest degree of respect.
  • We also understand that a diverse culture like ours has a wide-ranging set of beliefs. We respect and honor each and every one of those during individual and group therapy sessions.
  • We also put a high emphasis on a team centered approach. Over the years we found it’s the best way to foster long-lasting recovery. This is the practical option that has goals as markers along the path to sobriety.

We also understand that any kind of addiction is a family disease. To that end, we offer support to the spouse and relatives of the addicted person so recovery can have a holistic approach. Keep in mind that one of the benchmarks of our recovery program is the aftercare services we provide as your premier addiction treatment Ontario facility.