About Addiction Ontario

Here at Addiction Ontario, our number one priority is making sure we supply the tools for a clean sober life. Our staff is comprised of medical professionals, holistic coaches and psychologists as well as nutritionists and other experts well-versed in addiction therapy counseling.

Our goal is to make sure each and every person who comes into our facility overcomes their addiction and understands their triggers for relapse.

Our facility is designed for a holistic approach to recovery. The lodgings we provide are comfortable and clean and the nutritional choices are designed to help repair broken bodies as we nurture sobriety of the spirit. We help people in Mississauga, London, Brampton and other areas.

Clinical Staff

If you take a few minutes to look at our staff biographies, you’ll see the comprehensive approach that makes our Addiction Ontario approach so successful. With us, you get the benefit of addiction therapy specialists and counselors working alongside medical practitioners.

We also have people experienced in exercise regimes and even spiritual and yoga experts.

Our Facility is Effective and Peaceful

Our facility is peaceful and nurturing on the inside and the outside.  If you come to us from Aurora, Kitchener, Waterloo or downtown Toronto, you’ll find our facility is clean and inviting. It’s the perfect atmosphere to start your recovery journey.

Along with comfortable lodgings you’ll find invigorating workout areas with all of the latest equipment and a series of comfortable common areas. What’s more, we have an in-house chef that prepares nutritious and delectable meals to help you put your life back on track.

We have distinct advantages over government run facilities. For example, we offer a wide range of the kind of holistic recovery treatment therapies that are proven to work. The methods we use have been statistically proven to contribute to long-term recovery.

Relapse Prevention

For many addicts and alcoholics, the real test comes after they leave the safe confines of our facility and head back out into the real world. That’s why Addiction Ontario has one of the most remarkable relapse prevention programs in the industry.

The aftercare program we champion means that the newly sober individual will have a network of help outside our walls.

We are here to make sure that you or your loved one gets a holistic complete recovery from drugs and alcohol. If you or someone you know is suffering, our qualified personnel are always here to help. Reaching out and getting in contact with us is the first step to a new life.